Using your Climate360® smart bed

Getting Started

We know you’re going to love the life-changing benefits of proven quality sleep. So, let’s get started. Follow the steps below or use the tutorial in the Sleep Number® app.

Set up your Sleep Number app account and pair your mobile device.

  1. Open the Sleep Number app.
  2. Choose Smart Bed in the bottom navigation.
  3. Choose Settings.
  4. Choose Connectivity and Bluetooth Devices.
  5. Choose Pair My Smart Device.
  6. Find your Sleep Number Setting.
  7. Turn on Responsive Air® Technology.

Set Your Temperature

The Climate360 smart bed uses a revolutionary technology to actively cool or warm in zones independently on either side. It may take a couple of nights to find your ideal temperature setting.

  • You can fine-tune as needed by adjusting the temperature, start and end times.

You have the power to customize your temperature two different ways.

  • Either turn on cooling or warming before bedtime or schedule a nightly smart bed routine to run automatically.

Set Cooling or Warming Each Night

Set your temperature at least 30 minutes before bedtime so it’s ready for you.

Within the Sleep Number app:

  1. Choose Smart Bed.
  2. Choose Temperature.
  3. Set Core temperature and Foot Warming to your desired level, then set a timer duration.
  4. Adjust the temperature as needed based on your personal preference.

Set a nightly smart bed routine

This will automatically run so your smart bed is ready for sleep when you are. Below are examples to get you started your first few nights.

*This feature is only available through the Sleep Number app, not the smart remote.

If you sleep HOT or wake up HOT in the middle of the night
  1. In smart bed routines, select Create a New Routine, then COOLING.
  2. Set Foot Warming to LOW or OFF based on your temperature preference.
  3. Set Core cooling to LOW and set start time. If you sleep hot, set start time to When I Get Into Bed. If you wake up hot, set start time to 2hr After I Get Into Bed.
  4. Adjust the temperature as needed based on your personal preference.
If you sleep COLD
  1. Set Foot Warming to LOW so your smart bed is warm when you get in.
  2. Set Core warming to LOW. Your warming Routine will begin when you get into bed.
  3. Adjust the temperature as needed based on your personal preference.

Using your Sleep Number app

Reference our Support Hub library for additional topics on how to use your Sleep Number app.

Using your smart bed remote

Learn how to set up your Sleep Number mart bed remote, perform remote troubleshooting or reference the Sleep Number smart bed remote quick start guide.


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