Using smart bed Routines

Once you add a routine, you'll get bedtime reminders. If your bed has foot warming, your bed will have your foot warmer ready when you get in bed.

Climate360® customers can utilize core heating and cooling to have your bed ready for sleep when you get into bed or regulate your temperature all night long.


  • You need your own login to create a smart bed routine. Only the sleeper logged into the Sleep Number® app will see the option to add a routine.


  1. Log into the Sleep Number app with your own login credentials. If you don't have your own login, you can easily add one. See How to Create a Login for Another User. 
  2. Select Smart Bed.
  3. Scroll down to select Schedule Routines.
  4. Tap Create a New Routine or tap an existing routine to make edits.
    • Turn your existing routine on or off or create a new routine.
    • Select which days you'd like your routine to be on.
    • Make sure to choose Set Routine to save your changes or use cancel to exit without saving your changes.

To Edit or Remove Routines

  • To edit an existing routine, select the routine you would like to edit. Once you've made the adjustment, select Set Routine to save the change.
    • Edits made to an existing routine may not be reflected until the next scheduled routine.
  • To delete a routine, select the trash icon in the upper right corner.

Good To Know

  • Getting in bed before your set bedtime will pause your routine for that day.   
  • Foot warming is a feature of the Sleep Number FlexFit™ 3 smart adjustable bases. 

Check out Problem with Routines for help with a routine you've already set up.


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