360 smart FlexFit™ Base Favorite Button

Applies to: Sleep Number 360® smart FlexFit™ Bases


  • The Favorite button, located on the side of your bed, is a convenient way to return your bed to flat at the push of a button.
  • Once you save your Favorite FlexFit position in the SleepIQ app, you can use the button to go to your Favorite of Flat.
  • See Control Your Bed for how to save a Favorite Bed Position with the SleepIQ app
  • Follow these steps to save your favorite with a remote: 

1. Adjust the bed to your desired position.

2. Hold down the star button until the remote prompts you set the current position as your favorite.

3. Select Yes to save.  


My FlexFit Base Button is Orange

  • When your base is operating normally, when not in motion, the button back light is off, when in motion or adjusting, the button back light is blue.  
  • If your FlexFit base button back light is orange, a cord may be disconnected, or there is a problem with your base.
    • If you recently moved your base, watch moving your 360 FlexFit™ Base for help reconnecting the cables under your base.
    • If you haven't recently moved, close the app or set down your remote, try unplugging your base for 20 seconds, plug back in and try adjusting again.
    • If you are still experiencing errors while adjusting your base, contact us for help fixing the problem.   



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