What is Sleep IQ® technology?

What is SleepIQ® technology?

SleepIQ technology is a sleep wellness device you don’t have to wear and never need to charge. It uses sensors in your bed to track your sleep, so all you need to do is sleep. Your bed connects to the SleepIQ app, so you can view your sleep data, track your activities, control your bed and manage your SleepIQ account.

What to Expect When You Use SleepIQ® Technology

  1. After your first night

When your bed arrives, it gets paired to WiFi by our delivery technicians or the SleepIQ app. You’ll get a SleepIQ score the morning after your very first night—and every morning after. Check out our article on Understanding Your SleepIQ Score to learn more.

  1. Getting to know you

After you get to know each other for a while, SleepIQ will learn your trends and habits and know what an average night of sleep looks like for you. From this information, SleepIQ will offer individualized tips and recommendations about how to improve your quality of sleep.

As SleepIQ technology learns your sleep routines, it will give you suggestions, like your ideal bedtime and wake up time, to help you learn how to get your best possible sleep.

  1. Each month

Each month you will receive an email with your monthly SleepIQ report highlighting how you slept plus articles, videos and the latest research for improving your sleep quality.

  1. Over time

The more you personalize your activities and wellness profile, the more insights you'll experience. 

How does SleepIQ® technology help me improve my sleep?

Research shows tracking your sleep brings awareness to the little choices and habits you make each day that impact the quality of your sleep. Awareness is what sparks those aha, I know what I need to do, gut feeling moments of intuition and inspiration that lead to lasting change. This same principle is true with food and fitness tracking. If you want to improve something, the first step is being aware of your current state.

Once you start using the SleepIQ app, you’ll be surprised how quickly you start discovering insights that help you focus on opportunities to optimize the quality of your sleep. If you want to immerse yourself even more, subscribe to our blog, Hello. Good Night., for more tips and stories to inspire you on your journey. 

Want to improve your sleep even more? Join the nation; take the Sleep30 challenge by Sleep Number!


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