SleepIQ®: My Daytime Alertness


  • Receive a real-time insight to improve daytime alertness based on your sleep data and sleep science. Learn how your activities during the day can improve your alertness and impact your sleep each night.

How the My Daytime Alertness Feature Works

  • Provide your alertness input and SleepIQ will curate your personalized daytime alertness insight based on your sleep data and proven sleep science. Use these insights to improve your energy and alertness each day. 

Accessing My Daytime Alertness Feature

My daytime alertness can be found from the sleep landing page when you view your sleep session details.

  1. Open the SleepIQ app and select the Sleep tab. 
  2. Locate the My Sleep Session section where it shows last night’s sleep session. 
  3. Select View Details to see additional Sleep Session details. 
  4. Answer the my Daytime Alertness question to receive your personalized insight each day.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the daytime alertness rating change my SleepIQ score?
  • No, My Daytime Alertness will not impact your sleep data or SleepIQ score. My Daytime Alertness takes into consideration sleep data and sleep science to generate a personalized insight.
How often can I receive my daytime alertness insight?
  • You can interact with the feature once per day to receive a personalized insight.

Note: The Daytime Alertness section will not display for short, nap sleep sessions.

What is the Karolinska scale?
  • The Karolinska sleepiness scale is self-reported subjective level of sleepiness at a particular time of day.
Is My Daytime Alertness available on my remote or
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