Sleep Number® Smart Bed with FlexFit™ 2/3 Smart Adjustable Base Set-Up Guide

Before You Start

  • We recommend having two people complete set-up.
  • If you haven't already, download the Sleep Number® app from your device's app store.
  • Register your smart bed after downloading the Sleep Number® app. You will need your order number and the email address you used when you ordered your bed to complete registration.

Materials List

  • Mattress
  • Smart Control System
  • Remote (if purchased)
  • FlexFit™ smart adjustable base (King size bases will have two pieces, and Queen size bases will have one piece)

Set Up your Smart Adjustable Base

  1. Stand the smart adjustable base on the side rail edges and flex the head panels for stability. Cut all orange ties. Be careful not to cut any wires.

    Side by side of two images with one showing the underside of a smart adjustable base, and then another showing hands cutting orange ties.

  2. Set aside the head and foot rails. They will come wedged in between the decking panel and frame.

    Two Sleep Number technicians standing up head and foot rails.

  3. Install legs by pressing the metal button on the leg and sliding into the frame receiver. Stop at the desired height. Make sure all legs are set to the same height. Do not remove the clear spacer tape as this is designed to ensure a snug fit.

    Side by side of two images with one showing a close up of base legs, and then another showing another close up of the spacer tape on FlexFit legs.

  4. Check all connections under the bed while the base is on its side.

    Three images showing different underbed connections to check.

  5. Route the mattress connections through the opening at the hip of the bed. The hose will be present on all FlexFit models. The foot warming wire will only be present on the FlexFit 3 model.

    Hands routing hoses and wires through a port cup on a FlexFit base.

  6. Lay the adjustable base down in its desired location. Lift the decking panels up at the head and foot of the base for the next steps.

    A FlexFit base with its decking panels raised up in a bedroom.

  7. Plug the base power cord into a nearby grounded electrical outlet.
  8. Remove all protective plastic from the side, head, and foot rails.
  9. Two people are recommended for this step. Slide the head and foot rails through the grooves at the head and foot of the base until they click into place.

    Two Sleep Number technicians installing a head rail onto a FlexFit base.

  10. Secure head and foot rails by placing spacers in between the frame and the rails. Ensure the spacer tab is flat over the metal frame. Secure the rails to the frame using the provided speed screws.

    Three images showing how to install speed screws.

  11. At the sleeper left foot, attach the Smart Control System to the frame by placing the control system bracket into the grooves.

    A hand pointing to a Smart Control System in its place on a FlexFit base with arrows pointing to grooves.

  12. Connect the power sources from both sides of the base.

    Hands connecting power cords.

  13. Route and secure the wire harness along the base's metal frame using the velcro straps.

    Side by side of two images with one showing how to secure a wire harness to a frame, and then another with a close up of hands putting a velcro strap around the wire harness on the frame.

  14. Connect the wires and hoses to the Smart Control System.
    1. Sleeper right hose (blue)
    2. Sleeper left hose (white)
    3. Left side wire harness (black)
    4. Right side wire harness (white)
    5. Power cord into the Smart Control System (with small green wire)

      Graphic of the Smart Control System showing the various connection points.

  15. Check the lights on the back of the Smart Control System for power. If your power cord is plugged in and lights are not showing, check to see if your electrical outlet is connected to a light switch in the room.

    Lights on the back of a Smart Control System.

  16. Lay the decking panels down and ensure the mattress connection points at each hip are available through the opening. The hose will be present on all FlexFit models. The foot warming wire will only be present on the FlexFit 3.

    Side by side of two images with one image showing technicians feeding connections through a port cup, and another showing a close up of the wires and connections in the port cup.

Set Up your Smart Mattress

  1. Place your smart mattress upside on the smart adjustable base and remove the plastic mattress bag.

    Two technicians removing a bag from a mattress.

  2. FlexFit 3 only: Unzip the cover and route the foot warming wire throughout the cutout. Once the wires have been routed through out the cutout, zip up the cover.

    Wires sticking out a mattress cover.

  3. Identify what mattress straps you have for your bed. There will be four light gray straps that are used at the hip and foot of the bed. If you have a FlexTop™ or Split King bed, then you will also have two black straps.

    Four gray straps and two black straps on a white background.

  4. Take the metal tip of the mattress strap and locate the slits in the cover.
  5. Press the entire metal tip of the strap into the slit through the cover and hard plastic reinforcement patch.
  6. Tug on the strap to ensure the metal tip has expanded and is secure against the reinforcement patch.

    Three images showing how to insert black straps into a mattress.

  7. Check all straps to make sure they are facing the correct direction. Black straps should be laid over the gap in your bed with the button opening facing up, and gray straps should be laid toward the foot of the bed with the button opening facing up.

    Two images showing how straps should be oriented on a mattress.

  8. Two people are required for this step. Flip and center the mattress on the base.

    Three images showing how to flip a mattress.

  9. Finish connecting the mattress to the on both sides of the bed at the hips. If you have a FlexFit 3, then you will need to connect the foot warming wire. Remove the white air chamber cap and press until you hear a click to connect the air hose.

    Two images showing hands connecting wires under a smart bed.

  10. Finish connecting the straps, starting at the foot of the bed on both sides, moving to the hip, and then finishing at the head of the bed. Feed the strap under the bar and pull until the button aligns with its receiver. Press down until the button is connected.

    Three images showing hands securing straps under a smart mattress into a smart base.

  11. If you have a FlexTop or Split King: Standing on either side of the bed, have one person manually lift a decking panel to access the strap snap receiver. Pull the black strap tightly and snap into the snap receiver on the underside of the decking panel. Repeat on the other side.

    Two images showing technicians connecting black straps between a mattress and base.

  12. Inspect your bed to make sure everything is secure.

    A Sleep Number bed fully assembled in a bedroom.

  13. Proceed to getting your bed online using the Sleep Number® app.
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