Warranty information

Most of the products we sell are accompanied by a limited warranty. Generally speaking, the relevant warranty periods on some of our most popular products are listed below. A copy of any warranty for all of our products is available upon request.
To make a warranty claim, please contact customer service.

25 Year Limited Warranty

The current 25 Year Limited Warranty policy is a combination of a full coverage period and a prorated period that applies to mattress, modular base, and adjustable base purchases since March 27, 2013:
  • First 2 Years: any covered repairs or replacement parts will be at no cost to you.
    Select Comfort covers shipping on returned parts during the first two years of coverage.
  • 23 Years prorated costs for parts replaced for warranty issues.
    Customer responsibility for cost is pro-rated based on the year of ownership, starting at 28% of the retail cost in year three and increasing by 4% yearly in years 4-20. For years 20-25, customer cost remains 96%. Prorated costs allow you to replace a part for a fraction of the cost of replacing your mattress, bringing you greater value over time.

What is covered:

Select Comfort provides a limited warranty for your mattress and/or foundation. The limited warranty provides protection from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 25 years from the original purchase date. Warranty is limited to the product repair or replacement only.

What is not covered:

  • Conditions arising from normal wear and tear. (Conditions arising from a normal wear and tear include, but are not limited to: mattress cover compression, bunching, foam compression, or discoloration of components.)
  • Damage from tampering with any component or from opening the Firmness Control System.
  • Damage from misuse or abuse of the warranted product or component.
  • Damage from laundering or dry-cleaning
  • Acts of nature, such as but not limited to lightning damage.

To view the complete warranty policy, please visit www.sleepnumber.com/warranty.

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