Sleep Number®, Bed Position, SleepIQ® or DualTemp™ options missing

Applies to: Silver Sleep Number® Remotes

  • Silver bed remotes are designed to adjust your Sleep Number® setting and FlexFit™ base. DualTemp™ Layers come with their own remote. The SleepIQ® app does not connect to the DualTemp™ Layer. 
  • For the best experience, use your DualTemp remotes to control your DualTemp Layer and your bed remote or SleepIQ app to control you Sleep Number setting and FlexFit Base.

  • If Sleep Number, FlexFit or SleepIQ is missing from the Home screen of your remote, this means the remote needs to be reset, so that you can control these features. If any of these options are present, but grayed out, try checking your bed power cords to make sure everything is plugged into a working outlet before resetting your remote.

  • Instructions to complete a Factory Reset vary by product type, Sleep Number 360® remote or traditional Sleep Number® remote. See How To Complete A Remote Factory Reset.



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