Get Your Bed Back Online

Reasons for your bed to be offline

Loss of Power

Your bed could be unplugged or there may have been a recent power outage. Usually your bed will reconnect to power on its own after power is restored. If not, unplug your bed, wait 20 seconds, and plug back in. Give your bed 1-2 minutes to reboot. Close and reopen the app. 


Internet Outage

Is your internet service down? Using Wi-Fi on another device is a good way to test this. Sometimes unplugging and plugging in your router helps your Wi-Fi controlled devices reconnect.   


Installing a Replacement Pump

If you recently installed a replacement Firmness Control system check out how to connect a replacement pump.


Changes to your home Wi-Fi Network

If you recently changed your internet service provider, got a new router or changed your Wi-Fi password, use the SleepIQ® app to reconnect your bed to Wi-Fi. Make sure you are near your bed and you know your Wi-Fi network name and password.

  1. Open the SleepIQ® app.
  2. Select Smart Bed.
  3. Open the settings gear icon, top right.
  4. Select "Connectivity" and "Change WiFi" to update your Wi-Fi network information.

The app will scan for your Wi-Fi network. If the app doesn't find your network try to re-scan. Read Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi if you get stuck.  

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