How to complete a factory reset

Applies to: Silver Sleep Number remotes

A factory reset helps reconnect your remote to your bed if you've recently installed a replacement part or you're getting a connectivity error that won't go away, even after making sure your bed is plugged into a working outlet and the cord is securely connected to the control system(s) under your bed.


  1. Make sure all parts of your bed are plugged in before you start.
  2. Use remote shortcut to get to factory reset: Press and hold the up arrow, down arrow and Enter button until remote asks if you'd like to reset to factory settings, select yes.
  3. Follow the guided steps in the remote. Watch the pairing video for your remote, posted below, to see the guided steps you'll complete during a factory reset. If you don't know what remote you have see: How To Reset Your Remote.

Sleep Number 360 5 Button Remote

Sleep Number 360 10 or 12 Button Remote

Traditional Sleep Number Universal Remote

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