Add Sleeper Profiles


    • Add Sleeper Profiles to your bed, so that SleepIQ technology can track your sleep and give you a nightly SleepIQ Score.


If you have more than one bed with the same sleeper profile name, we recommend naming this one a little differently, so it is easy to tell your sleeper profiles apart.

Add a New Sleeper will only be available if there is an open spot on the bed. Read Edit Sleeper Profile for steps to make changes to an existing profile.

SleepIQ® App Instructions

  1. Log into the SleepIQ app.
  2. Tap Smart Bed.
  3. If you have more than one bed, select the bed you need to add sleeper profiles to by using the dropdown at the top of the screen.
  4. Tap bed settings and support (gear), top right.
  5. Choose Sleeper Setup.
  6. Tap Add New Sleeper and follow prompts within the App.

SleepIQ Website Instructions

  1. Navigate to the Account Settings (gear), top right.
  2. Choose Sleeper setup.
  3. Click add new sleeper at the bottom of the screen. 



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