Edit Sleeper Profile


  • Accurate settings are important for tracking your sleep data and calculating your SleepIQ score. 
  • Use the SleepIQ app to edit your sleeper profile, account settings or sleep goal.
  • There is no option to delete or remove a sleeper profile. We recommend editing the existing sleeper profile. 
  • Edit Sleeper Profile lets you edit name, weight, gender, and answer questions about your sleep habits to help create a more personalized SleepIQ experience. 
  • Edit email address or password lets you update an existing email address or password.

Edit Sleeper Name & Profile

  1. Open the SleepIQ App.
  2. Select Sleep (bottom left).
  3. Select the sleeper name from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select Profile (bottom right).
  5. Select My Profile.
  6. Choose Sleeper to edit your name.
  7. Tap your name or input field to make edits.
  8. Scroll down to save your changes.

Edit Email Address or Password

  1. Select Sleep (bottom left).
  2. Select the sleeper name from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Profile (bottom right).
  4. Select the edit account settings icon, top right.
  5. Select email address to make edits.
  6. Select password to make edits.
    • You will be asked to enter your current password to update your email address or change your password.
    • If you update your email address you will be sent an email with a link to validate your email address.

Edit Side of Bed or Bed Time Zone

  1. Select Smart Bed.
  2. Select the edit account settings icon, top right.
  3. Select Sleeper Setup to switch sides of the bed.
  4. Select Change Time Zone to adjust the Time Zone of the bed.
  5. Tap the back arrow to save changes.

Adjust Your Sleep Goal

  1. Select Profile (bottom right).
  2. Tap My Profile.
  3. Tap Sleeper.
  4. Scroll down to Set Up a Sleep Goal.
  5. Choose a goal between 6.5-9 hours. We recommend choosing an achievable goal. Sleeping more or less than your goal can lower your SleepIQ score. Learn more.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap Save.
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