Problem With Routines

Things to Know

  • If you are already in bed when your routine is scheduled to start your routine will be paused for that day. You won't get bedtime notifications and your foot warming will not turn on automatically.
  • When you have foot warming set to turn on with your routine, foot warming will turn on 30 minutes before your scheduled bedtime. Foot warming will turn off and gradually cool down once you get in bed. Your bed needs to be online for routines to work as designed. 

Things to Check

  • View Your Routines to make sure the status is on and Bedtime reminders are on. See Using Routines for steps to view, edit or delete your routines.  
  • If you are not seeing View Routines in the SleepIQ app you are logged in as a different sleeper. Only the sleeper logged in can view or add routines. 
  • Check your phone or tablet settings. Scroll down to the SleepIQ app. Make sure your device is set to allow notifications from the SleepIQ app. 
  • Make sure your bed is online. Open the SleepIQ app. Select Smart Bed. Open the settings gear, top right. If your bed is offline, see steps on How to get your bed online.

Common Troubleshooting Voices

Routines Starting/Ending Early or Late

  • Check your Time Zone to make sure it is set correctly. Incorrect time zones will impact when routines start and end.

Routine Didn’t Update

  • If the routine was edited after it was scheduled to start, the change will be reflected on the next scheduled routine.
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