WiFi Networks That Are Not Compatible With SleepIQ® Technology

A WiFi connection is required to set up SleepIQ Technology and get the full benefits of your bed.  

This article outlines the types of networks that are not compatible with SleepIQ Technology. Read our article on Device Requirements for SleepIQ Technology for full details on mobile device, WiFi and router compatibility requirements.  

 Mobile hotspots

  • You may be able to connect your bed to a mobile hotspot, but we don’t recommend it. Using a mobile hotspot can result in interrupted connections and inaccurate sleep data. SleepIQ Technology works best with a 24/7 internet connection. 

Guest networks and open networks

  • SleepIQ Technology cannot connect to an open network. A WiFi password is required to connect your bed to WiFi. 

5.0 GHz WiFi networks

  • SleepIQ Technology requires a 2.4 GHz setting to connect to your home WiFi network. 5.0 GHz networks are not supported and will not connect to SleepIQ Technology. Most newer routers broadcast both settings, but the only way to be sure of your network setting is to check with your internet service provider.  

Captive portal networks

  • Captive portal networks require you to sign in on a web page before connecting a device to the internet. This type of network is common in coffee shops and hotels.  SleepIQ Technology is not able to connect to a captive portal network. 

Hidden Networks 

  • A hidden network is one that the owner has chosen to hide from devices scanning for an available WiFi network. The SleepIQ app has the option to add a hidden WiFi network during setup.  This works for a 2.4 GHz hidden network. SleepIQ Technology will not detect or connect to a 5.0 GHz network, even if it is not a hidden network. Adding a 5.0 GHz network as a hidden network is not a work around.       


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