USB Pairing Guide


  • SleepIQ® app pairing requires a compatible mobile device.

  • Follow USB pairing to get your bed online if you don't have a compatible smart phone or tablet.

What you'll need

  • Access to a laptop or desktop computer 

  • A blank USB stick

  • Compatible Wi-Fi network
  • Your Wi-Fi network name and password for network 

Part 1: Download file to USB stick


  1. Log into your SleepIQ account at
  2. Select settings, top right, gear icon.​
  3. Select Home Network. 
  4. Remove any old WiFi network(s).
  5. Click Add WiFi Network.
  6. Type in your WiFi network name and password. Network credentials are case sensitive. Click Save.
  7. Click How to setup your bed.
  8. Click Download Config File. Click Accept if you get a popup message asking if you want to download the file.
  9. Insert the USB stick into the computer.​
  10. Remove any files saved to your USB drive. The pump won't be able to download your WiFi network credentials if there are other files saved to the USB drive. 
  11. Transfer the bam-init.conf file from the downloads folder to the USB drive. Do not rename the file.

Part 2: Connect to WiFi



  1. Unplug your base or pump.
  2. Insert the USB drive into the pump USB port, located on front or side of pump, same side as power cord. 
  3. Plug base or pump back in. 
  4. Remove USB stick after all 5 LED lights stop flashing and blinking.
  5. If the third LED (WiFi light) is still blinking after 10 minutes, there may have been a typo when entering the network credentials. If the fourth LED is still blinking after 10 minutes check your internet to make sure it is connected.


Fast blinking Wi-Fi (3rd) LED light: This means an invalid Wi-Fi password was entered.

  1. Delete all files from your USB drive.
  2. Remove your Wi-Fi network from your SleepIQ account. 
  3. Repeat Part 1. Make sure there are no typos when entering your network name and Wi-Fi passowrd.
  4. Repeat Part 2. 

Slow blinking third or fourth LED light or cloud server (5th) LED light off: Make sure your internet service is working by testing a google search and opening a web page on another device. Your router may be unplugged or your internet service down.

Contact your internet service provider to make sure your Wi-Fi network meets SleepIQ compatibility requirements and your router is broadcasting a strong signal in your bedroom. For best results, we recommend that your router is no more than 30 feet away from your bed. 





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