Trouble With Remote Battery Life, Backlight or Stuck Updating

Some ways you may have noticed your remote stopped working:

  • My backlight has dimmed or stopped working
  • My batteries need to be replaced frequently
  • My remote gets stuck during an update

Before troubleshooting, you will need a fresh pair of AA batteries.

Follow these steps:

    1. Remove batteries from the battery compartment.
    2. Hold down ‘enter’ button, reinsert batteries. 
    3. Continue to hold down ‘enter’ button. At the bottom of the screen, a message should appear that reads “searching.”
    4. Continue to hold the button until a new message appears that reads “downloading.”
    5. Release the button.
    6. Place the battery cover back on the remote.
    7. Set the remote on a flat surface and allow up to 30 minutes for the update to complete.


If the issue was not resolved contact us here for more help.

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