Doorstep Delivery: Assembly Guides


If you have been given the option of having our delivery technicians deliver your bed to your door and assemble it yourself, please use the step-by-step guides provided below. If you are assembling a 360® FlexFit™ smart base, acknowledge that the adjustable base is heavy and requires two or more able-bodied adults for safe handling, and that these bases contain very strong magnets with separate handling and installation instructions.


Assembly Guides

At this time, we have made assembly guides available for our 360 smart beds, integrated base and stylish frame, and 360 FlexFit™ smart bases. If you are assembling a 360® FlexFit™ smart base, review the 360 Magnet Installation Guide before you start. Please contact us if you need additional assistance with assembly.


Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed with Integrated Base and Frame Assembly Guide

Sleep Number 360 Smart Bed - Mattress Only - Assembly Guide

Get Your Bed Online - SleepIQ­® Pairing 


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