FlexFit™ Adjustable Base Error Code & SleepIQ® App Error Message Troubleshooting


Applies to: Sleep Number 360® FlexFit™ 1,2 and 3 smart bases and Traditional FlexFit™ 1,2,3 bases.

Remote Bed Position Error Codes: 1010-1040, 1110-1140, 2010-2040, 2110-2140, 3010-3040, 3110-3140, 4010-4040

SleepIQ® app error messages: "Your FlexFit needs to be reset." "Your FlexFit base needs to be configured." "Please  check for an obstruction."

Depending on how you control your bed you will either see a four digit error code on the remote or an error message on the SleepIQ App that says "Your FlexFit™ needs to be reset. Tap the Reset button below." The following steps will help you resolve these errors.







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