SleepIQ® App: My Biometrics

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  • ​Biometrics track your average heart rate and respirations per sleep session, providing historical comparisons.
  • Consistency impacts you positively. Spikes or dips in average heart rate can lower your score for a session. 
  • The app does not provide real time tracking and is not a medical device intended for diagnostic purposes. Biometrics are recorded as an average and are useful for tracking changes to your biometrics night over night. 
  • ​Contact your doctor for questions and concerns about your health.

​Sleep Screen View

  • Users can view average​ beats per minute (BPM) and breaths per minute (BrPM) for the sleep session.
  • Select View Details to see rolling 7-day and 30-day summaries of each biometric. 

View Details

  • Rolling 7-day and 30-day charts are available for a quick historical view.  
  • Minimum, average, and maximum recordings are displayed at the bottom of each section.
  • "Why Is This Important" takes the user to information about how the system uses biometrics.
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