Sleep Number® app: Activity Tracking


  • Track activities like exercise, late dinner, caffeine intake, stressful day at work, alcohol intake, slept in, TV before bed, etc., so you can go back and look at your highest and lowest scores to check for a possible connection. Tip: Use the calendar to see a full month of your daily scores.
  • Track yesterday's activities for each sleep session. Look at what you did that day and see if your SleepIQ score was above or below your average. Notice how your score is impacted on days you do or don't do that activity. 
  • Activities can be manually added or updated automatically by your connected apps.
  • Activities are view only from the SleepIQ website. Use the Sleep Number app to add activities to sleep sessions.

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Access Activity Tracking

  1. Once logged in, go to the Sleep Screen.
  2. Scroll down until you get to Activities Tracked.
    • It will display the amount of Activities recorded ​for that day.
  3. Tap Log a New Activity to add activities.
    • Scroll back to view previous sleep sessions and activities tracked.
    • Open the calendar and tap a day to go back and view activities tracked that day.
    • There isn't a graph showing aggregated activity data overtime.

Add a New Activity

  1. Select Sleep tab.
  2. Use calendar or scroll through sleep sessions and select the sleep session you want to add activities to.
  3. Scroll down to Activities tracked. Select Log a New Activity.
    • Note: Activities are view only on the SleepIQ website. Use the Sleep Number app to add or delete activities.  
  4. ​Select Manual Entry.
  5. Tap the add (+) symbol to add a new activity or use the search bar to find previously added activities.​
    • The app stores a list of previously added activities. Select a previously added activity or enter a new activity. 
  6. Enter the name of the activity, select Done.
  7. Tap Add New Activity Type​.

Delete an Activity​

  1. Tap and slide the Activity to the left until Delete appears.
  2. Tap Delete to remove the Activity.
    • The activity will be deleted for that sleep session. 
    • Same or similar activities on other sleep sessions will not be deleted.
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