A Guide To Your New Statement

Note: The Credit Card Act of 2009 requires certain information to be included on your monthly billing statement. Click here to view a sample bill. The sample provided is for illustrative purposes and does not reflect your actual account data.

  1. Summary of Account Activity

    A listing of all your account activity during the billing cycle.

    Any new payments, purchases, returns, adjustments and interest charges will be summarized here along with your credit limit and credit available.

    Manage your account at mysynchrony.com or by calling the customer service phone number provided.

  2. Payment Information

    Important information concerning your Total Minimum Payment and Due Date as well as warnings regarding making a Late Payment or only paying the Total Minimum Payment Due on your account.

  3. Promotional Expiration Warning

    This section explains when Deferred Interest promotions will expire. It is in narrative form and complements your Promotional Summary.

  4. Payment Coupon Summary of Account Activity

    Located at the bottom of your first page.

    Includes important information concerning the Total Minimum Payment and when it is due.

    Return the stub with your monthly payments at mysynchrony.com or by calling the customer service phone number provided.

    NOTE: A reminder of promotional payoff amounts for deferred interest promotions will appear on the Payment Coupon 2 months before your promotion(s) expire.

  5. Promotional Purchase Summary

    Summarizes your special promotional purchases.

    Includes important information concerning the total minimum payment and when it is due.

    Promotional expiration date and promotional balance are found here along with any deferred or billed interest charges related to promotional purchase.

    To avoid interest charges on any Deferred Interest promotions, pay-off the Promotional Balance on or before the promotional expiration date in this section.

  6. Transaction Summary

    A chronological listing of your individual monthly transactions with a table that segments fees and interest year-to-date.

  7. Interest Charge Calculation

    Shows the APR, interest charges and expiration date for each type of transaction.

Please see the back of the first page of your statement for important information concerning your account and customer service information.

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