My Bed Is Losing Air

Air loss is a continual loss of firmness that happens every time you put air back in the mattress, usually after one sleep session. 

  • Sporadic or gradual softening is usually caused by environmental factors that impact the air pressure in your mattress. If your mattress isn't consistently going flat over night, we recommend completing a 3 Night Sleep Test to see if environmental factors are impacting the firmness of your mattress. 
  • If you are experiencing actual air loss, troubleshooting helps us identify if there is a problem with the air connections or a component part. Troubleshooting varies by hose connection location. Hose connections are either located on the side of your mattress or inside the mattress at the head of the bed.  

Follow these steps to check the location of your hose connections. 

  1. Stand on the side of the mattress and lift. 
  2. Check to see if there is a hose connection on the underside.


Now that you've located your hose connections, continue with the guided troubleshooting steps below.

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