What is Responsive Air® Technology?

Responsive Air is a smart feature in Sleep Number® smart beds. It intuitively senses and automatically adjusts your comfort to keep both partners sleeping soundly all night long. Responsive Air will maintain your current Sleep Number setting, even if it is different from your saved Favorite setting.

Responsive Air technology is included with all Sleep Number smart beds.

How do I turn Responsive Air on?
  • Make sure your bed is online.
  • Log in to the Sleep Number® app.
  • Tap Smart Bed.
  • Responsive Air can be controlled independently for each side. If applicable, check your sleep partner's side of the bed.
How often does Responsive Air adjust?
  • When you first settle into bed, you will feel a slight decrease in pressure as if the mattress were giving you a hug.
  • Responsive Air will take pressure readings throughout the night, once per hour on each side.
  • Responsive Air will sense changes in air pressure due to temperature and sleep position and make adjustments to maintain the comfort of your individual Sleep Number setting.
  • About 30 minutes after sleepers are out of bed in the morning, it's normal to hear the bed filling with air.
  • Responsive Air will continue to check air pressure reading throughout the day, every 4 hours.
How Responsive Air works with your bed

Responsive Air works differently depending on the product, below are key differences.

Climate360® beds only:

  • When core temperature is being used, Responsive Air will automatically turn on for both sides, regardless of the articulation, and take pressure readings.
  • After core temperature has completed its cycle, it will do a pressure reading every hour.
  • Responsive Air will default back to its original setting once all sleepers have exited the bed for at least 30 minutes.

Smart Beds:

  • Responsive Air will not adjust if the head of the bed is raised above the snore position.
  • Depending on the foot articulation it could impact Responsive Air.

360 FlexFit™ adjustable base with attached remote and Smart Beds on non-Sleep Number adjustable bases:

  • Responsive Air will not work as designed with a non-Sleep Number adjustable base as it cannot detect if the adjustable base is articulated.

Single Sleeper on Dual-Chamber Bed:

  • If you are not sleeping entirely on one side, Responsive Air may not work as intended.
How do I know Responsive Air is working?
  • Responsive Air doesn't adjust every time you move. There are timed pressure readings, and it will adjust accordingly.
  • If your bed adjusts when you first get in bed this means Responsive Air is working.
  • Learn more about how Responsive Air works and how to tell if there's a problem.
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