Sleep Science Research

The Sleep Science Research opt-in is available to our core Sleep Number smart beds. Research is completed by Sleep Number and in collaboration with partners such as Mayo Clinic which will advance the science of sleep – and health – by making new discoveries to improve sleep quality for the greater community. 

How it works

  • Opt-in to the sleep research study on the Sleep Number® app. 
    • You will be offered the opportunity to opt-in during initial Sleep Number smart bed registration. If you don't opt-in during registration, you will still be able to opt-in at any time.
    • Log in to your Sleep Number® app. 
    • Each sleeper must have their own account to opt-in to sleep research. 
    • Once opted in, you will receive welcome email confirming participation. 
  • Simply sleep in your Sleep Number® smart bed as you normally do. 
  • Short surveys will be sent via email with a link to an optional survey. 
  • Email surveys are sent when we have a new sleep study.
  • With your consent, sleep researchers will analyze sleep data and trends.
  • Your survey answers and sleep data will advance the science of sleep and health. 



What if I don't want to participate any longer?

Simply go to the Sleep Number app, select Profile tab, and find Sleep Science Research. Select the opt out button if you no longer wish to participate. Please allow 48 hours for unenrollment to take effect. Any data collected while opted in will be maintained and secured. You can opt back in or at any time. 

Is participation open to all Sleep Number® smart customers?

Sleep research is available to all sleepers with Sleep Number smart beds, except for Kids® and IT beds. 

Is my data secure?

Yes! You can learn more in the “Your Privacy" tab in the Sleep Science Research section of the app.

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