Climate360™: Tips for Your Best Sleep

Optimize Your Sleep Quality

  • Foot Warming is designed to help you fall asleep faster. It will pre-warm your side 30 minutes prior to your bedtime when used with Routines.
  • Turn on Core temperature 25–30 minutes before bedtime to reach the desired temperature.
  • When your smart bed is preparing for your sleep, you will hear cooling or warming turn on. The Climate360™ smart bed was designed with a soft white noise to help lull you to sleep and minimize sounds that may disrupt your sleep.
  • It can take up to two weeks to find a favorite temperature or Routine. Your needs may change with the weather, changes in your microclimate or your natural physiology.
  • For optimal cooling or warming, always use a top sheet or comforter to create your personalized microclimate.
  • For best performance, keep your room temperature at 72 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. The Climate360™ smart bed is not a replacement for air conditioning or heating your home.

Elevate Your Comfort

  • Enjoy the preset positions of your smart adjustable base for your most comfortable experience: Flat, Favorite, Snore/Partner Snore™, Zero G, Watch TV, Read.
  • Use the button on each side of the smart adjustable base to easily maneuver between Flat and your Favorite position. You can save a favorite position in the SleepIQ® app or optional remote.
  • Underbed lighting lights your way in the dark.

Choose the Right Mattress Pad

The Climate360™ Total Protection Mattress Pad is the only water-resistant mattress pad designed exclusively for the Climate360™ smart bed, optimizing airflow while protecting your mattress.

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