Finding My Bed Height

The height of your bed will vary based on the Sleep Number® mattress and base combination you choose.  

Find the overall height of your bed by adding the mattress profile to the height of your base or furniture.  See Mattress & Base specifications for additional product dimensions. 


Sleep Number Smart Bed

Mattress profile heights vary by model. Profile height is measured by laser at the center of the mattress at it's fullest Sleep Number® setting.

Sleep Number Smart Bed Model

Mattress Height

Sleep Number c2


Sleep Number c4


Sleep Number p5


Sleep Number p6


Sleep Number m7


Sleep Number i7


Sleep Number i8


Sleep Number iLE


Sleep Number i10


Sleep Number Climate360®



Sleep Number integrated base and optional frame

The integrated base is sold with or without a frame. Please contact us if you need to add a frame to your integrated base.

Sleep Number Smart Bed Integrated Base

Base Height

Integrated Base


Integrated Base with Frame



Sleep Number FlexFit™ Smart Base

and 360® FlexFit™ Adjustable Base with Attached Remote

  • If you are placing your base inside a bed frame measure your furniture to determine the leg height required to fit inside your furniture.
  • If there is a ledge for slats attached to the inside of your furniture's side rails, select the height option that gives you enough clearance for the bottom of the base surround. 
  • Please note that slat must be removed prior to the technicians' arrival on the day of delivery.
  • If using Sleep Number® upholstered furniture and heard, we recommend the standard height setting for use with Sleep Number® upholstered furniture and headboards. 
Height Setting
  • 7 adjustable height settings.
  • Heights are from the floor to the mattress.
  • Clearance height is from floor to the bottom of the surround.
  • Standard setting is required with optional decorative legs.*
  • Extended height legs are available through customer service. Please contact us if you need a higher setting.
  • 13.75" is the lowest setting available.
Adjustable  Height Options 13.75" 14.5" 15.25" 16" (standard) 16.75" 17.50" 18.25"
Clearance 5.75" 6.5" 7.25" 8" 8.75" 9.5" 10.25"


Sleep Number® s1 and s3 mattresses and modular base options

Modular base legs are an alternative to using a bed frame. Modular base legs are sold separately. Headboard brackets and foot board brackets are also available for purchase. Please contact us if you would like to order legs or legs and brackets to attach to your modular base.

Sleep Number s1 and s3

Mattress Height

Sleep Number s1


Sleep Number s3



Sleep Number Modular Base

Height to Mattress

Modular Base


Modular Base with Standard Legs


Modular Base with Low Profile Legs


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