Remote operating wrong side of bed

Applies to: ADAT and Universal Remotes. Does not apply to 360 or Smart remotes.

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  • The remote determines sleeper left vs sleeper right as if you are lying in bed facing the ceiling.
  • If your Sleep Number Firmness Control System remote is inflating and deflating the wrong side of the bed, it is likely the left and right hoses connected to your Firmness Control System are not properly installed.

Verify Hose Connections

  • Please check your connections to ensure your left and right hoses are connected to the air chamber on the corresponding side of the bed. If you need help locating these hoses, please refer to your bed’s manual.


  • The Left Hose is labeled with an “L” Marking every foot for the entire length of the hose.
  • Starting July 2013, the hoses are also color coded at the connector.
    • White indicates Left Side.
    • Blue Indicates Right side.


Adjustable Bases

  • If you have a Split King or FlexTop King FlexFit adjustable base, and your remote is not operating your Sleep Number and Bed Position on the same side of the bed, it is likely that one of the components is not installed properly.
  • Check the FlexFit junction cables to be sure that the right-side base is plugged into the corresponding Sleep Number right side of the FlexFit Control System, and the left base is plugged into the corresponding Sleep Number left side of the FlexFit Control System.
  • The Junction Cable / Wire Harness for the FlexFit™ Bases are not marked, but the ports on the Control Box where they plug in are.


If your problem persists after verifying your connections are correct, please contact us.


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