Sleep Number® smart bed Remote Troubleshooting

Applies to: All Sleep Number Smart Bed remotes

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Sleep Number Smart Remote is an accessory that provides secure and effortless control for your smart control system.

General Troubleshooting

Our smart remote will typically tell you what actions are needed within the remote messaging, however, there are some general troubleshooting steps you can take.

  1. Take your batteries out and reinsert them.
    • This is a great time to replace with fresh batteries.
  2. Perform a restart or power cycle on the bed.
    • You can do a restart through the Sleep Number app on your smart device by going into the Smart Bed and then Settings.
    • If you do not have access to the app, you can also perform a power cycle by unplugging the bed from the wall, waiting 20 seconds, and then plugging back in.
  3. To rule out any larger issues, we highly encourage a Quick System Test to be run through the Sleep Number app.
    • Smart Bed, then Settings, then Quick System test.
    • If any failures are identified, follow troubleshooting steps provided.
  4. Retest the functionality to see if the remote is functioning as intended.
  5. Issue still persists?
    • Try the function with the Sleep Number app on your smart device to help rule out if this is an issue with your remote or the bed.
    • You can always contact us here.

Click the link below to download your Sleep Number Smart Bed Remote Quick Start Guide.

Sleep Number Smart Bed Remote Quick Start Guide

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