Cleaning Your Mattress

Cleaning the Mattress Surface (Traditional Sleep Number beds)

Follow these simple steps to clean the surface of your mattress:

  1. Remove all bedding from the mattress.
  2. Completely unzip the top panel of your mattress cover.
  3. Spot clean the mattress cover with a solution of mild detergent and warm water and/or sparkling water. A soft-bristled brush may be used to clean the mattress cover.

Note: To avoid shrinking the mattress cover do not saturate the fabric.

  1. Lay the mattress cover flat to air dry.
  2. Once finished air drying, zip the top panel of your mattress cover onto your bed.


Cleaning the Mattress Surface (Sleep Number 360 beds)

  • Do not remove the cover. 
  • Spot clean using water and a very small amount of mild detergent. Apply with a white cloth, rubbing gently and allow to air dry completely. 
  • Use just enough water/detergent solution to dampen the surface. Do not saturate the mattress. 
  • For best results treat all stains as quickly as possible once they appear. Some stains may not be able to be removed. 
  • Do not machine wash or dry clean, which will cause shrinking and damage to the mattress cover. 
  • Do not apply stain-guard, as it may cause yellowing of the fabric.


Cleaning Loose Dirt and Debris

A vacuum with a non-bristled attachment can be used to clean up dirt and debris in or on the mattress.  Do not use a vacuum directly on the mattress as it may cause damage.


Eliminating Odors

If you notice slight odors in the mattress, dryer sheets can be tucked beneath the top panel of your mattress cover (for non-360 beds) or under your mattress pad/fitted sheet (360 beds) until the odor dissipates.

CAUTION: Do not use air-freshener sprays on the mattress as they could saturate the fabric and cause it to shrink, or stain the fabric.

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