Inspect Your Modular Base

The modular base is designed to provide heavy-duty support, up to 400 pounds per side. If you're experiencing a dip in the middle of your bed, follow these steps to inspect your base.

  1. Use a flashlight to inspect the horizontal support beams under your base (shown below). Check for bowing or breaks.
    • If your base is enclosed inside furniture, remove and set aside the mattress and base coverlet to uncover the modular base.
    • Lift and pull the decking panels away from the base to expose the support beams.
  2. Inspect the decking panels (shown below). Make sure they are straight. Check for warping or damage.
  3. Inspect the legs or frame supporting the modular base.
    • If using a bed frame, make sure the center of the base is supported.
    • If using Sleep Number legs, make sure bolts and nuts are securely fastened.
  4. If you found bowing or breaks, please discontinue use of the modular base and contact Sleep Number customer service for replacement parts. For safety, we recommend placing your mattress on the floor until any damaged parts have been replaced. 



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