Sleep Number Rewards Commonly Asked Questions

What is the Sleep Number Rewards program?

As a Sleep Number® smart bed owner, you’re a valued Smart Sleeper and a lifetime member of our Sleep Number Rewards program. Benefits include exclusive Smart Sleeper discounts, savings to share with friends and family and the opportunity to earn up to $1,000 in Sleep Number® reward certificates when someone you’ve referred purchases a Sleep Number® smart bed. In addition, by being active in the Sleep Number Rewards program, you have the opportunity to earn rewards that are redeemable toward Sleep Number® purchases.

How do I earn rewards certificates?

You earn a reward certificate when someone you refer purchases a bed. You also earn a reward certificate when you earn enough points to move to the next tier in your Sleep Number Rewards account. 

How do I earn points?

You can earn points by participating in activities through the Sleep Number Rewards program. Once you’ve earned the necessary points for a reward tier, you’ll receive an email confirming that you’ve achieved a reward, and you’ll progress to the next tier. Points have no monetary value; however, rewards are redeemable toward any Sleep Number® purchase.

Check out the Earn Points page to discover current activities and the points you’ll earn when you complete them.

Trouble With Earning Points

If you’re not seeing your points after completing an activity, please give it a few minutes for most activities and up to a week for leaving reviews. 

Make sure you’re signed into your Sleep Number Rewards program account when completing activities. If you’re using a mobile device and not seeing your points, you may need to disable “private browsing" and adjust your settings to always accept cookies.

If you’re not seeing points after reading a Sleep Number Rewards email it may not be eligible or you may need to download the images in the email for points to register. See our full list of FAQs if this did not help answer your question. 

What should I do if I haven’t received my reward certificate email?

Certificates are emailed within 72 hours of claiming a reward. You’ll receive a confirmation email when the reward is claimed. The certificate will arrive in a separate email. 

If you do not receive a reward certificate within 72 hours, please check your rewards account page. If the reward still appears available for you to redeem, then choose to redeem the reward certificate again. If the reward does not appear available to redeem and you have not received the certificate email within 72 hours, contact our support team for further assistance.

How does the refer a friend program work?

The Refer a Friend Program gives you increased rewards for the number of referrals you make. You can share exclusive savings with friends and earn rewards.

What should I do if my friend or family member didn't get credit for referring me?

Your friend or family member can log into their Sleep Number Rewards account and send you an email or link by clicking "Refer a Friend." This will give you all the info you need to give them credit when you contact us. They'll earn points when they send the referral, and they'll earn a reward certificate when you purchase a bed. 

If you purchase a bed after being referred to by a friend or family member, we can give them credit when you purchase your bed. You can also contact us if you have already made your purchase. 

How many rewards can I redeem at once?

You can redeem rewards as they are achieved. Multiple reward certificates can be used at one time toward a Sleep Number® purchase. Simply visit our store, chat with us online or sign into your Sleep Number Rewards account to redeem.

Can I transfer my points or rewards to someone else?

No, points or redeemed rewards cannot be transferred or sold. You can, however, choose to donate your rewards through our charitable partner American Cancer Society.

Can I get my rewards back if I return a purchase?

Yes, rewards are replenished if you return a purchase. See our terms and conditions for full details on returns.

How do I unsubscribe from Sleep Number Rewards emails?

Click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. This will only unsubscribe you from Sleep Number Rewards program emails.

What are the rules for rewards sweepstakes?

Rules vary by sweepstakes and are listed for review prior to entry submission. 

How will I know if I’ve won a sweepstakes?

Winners will be notified via the email addresses associated with their Sleep Number Rewards program accounts as well as by phone at the number provided on the sweepstakes entry.

See our full list of FAQs if this did not help answer your question. 

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