SleepIQ® Privacy Mode


You can choose to disable the transmission of SleepIQ personal data at any time by turning on “Privacy Mode” in the SleepIQ app. 

  • Use SleepIQ Privacy Mode to turn data recording on or off.
    • When Privacy Mode is on no sleep data will be recorded or displayed for either side of the bed.
    • When Privacy Mode is on you will not be able to obtain your SleepIQ score, you will still be able to control your Sleep Number® setting, the bed base, and other bed features.
    • There is no option to turn data recording off for one side only. 
    • When Privacy is off data will be recorded. 


Follow these steps to turn on Privacy Mode:

  1. Log into the SleepIQ App.
  2. Select Smart Bed.
  3. Scroll down to Privacy Mode, the current status will show.
  4. Open Privacy Mode to turn on or off. 
  5. Switch on or off. 
  6. Tap Done to save your changes.
    • If you tap the back arrow before selecting Done your change will not save.

For more information about Sleep Number's Privacy Policy visit


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