Using Surge Protectors with Your Bed


We recommend (not require) the use of a surge protector for all Sleep Number® smart beds, and DualTemp™ Layers. Use or disuse of a surge protector will not affect the warranty of your devices.

  • Surge protectors may last 3 to 5 years on average. If you are experiencing problems, first check that your surge protector is working with other electronics.


  • Traditional FlexFit™ 1,2,3 Control Boxes should NOT be plugged into a surge protector.  Doing so may cause the FlexFit™ adjustable base to not work, malfunction, or flip the surge protector.
  • This is due to the amount of power required for the FlexFit™ adjustable base being more than what the standard surge protector is rated for.
  • If unsure of what base you have, refer to the Bases Owner's manuals.

Recommended Specifications

It is suggested to use a surge protector that is listed to: "UL 1449 with a Clamping Voltage of 330 Volts, 15 Amps or higher, with a Joule Rating of 3,000 or higher."

      • Below will list the specifics of each, the important thing is to find a standard surge protector that one would use for a computer or television.
      • Something that is "UL 1449 compliant" should take care of all the specifics.

UL 1449: Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) is an independent safety organization that sets standard for household electrical products. 1449 refers to the latest version of their standards for safety (2009).

Clamping Voltage of 330 Volts:  The amount of voltage let through during a surge.

      • This is standard and may not be listed on a surge protector.
      • The lower the clamping the voltage, the better the protection.

Amp 15 or higher: The amount of power allowed through the surge protector.

Joule Rating of 3,000 or higher: The amount of energy a surge protector can absorb without failing.

    • This will more likely show up on the packaging than Clamping Voltage.
    • The higher, the better.
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