Troubleshooting with Smart Bed Diagnostics


The smart control system technology within our Sleep Number® smart beds (including Climate360®) allow you to run diagnostics and restart your bed, all through your Sleep Number® app.

You’ll need:

compatible Apple or Android mobile device with the latest software.

Note: The Smart Remote is not able to complete the Quick System Test or restart the bed.

Quick System Test


The Quick System Test allows you to run diagnostics on your smart bed to determine what the issue may be, helping you to identify and fix it faster.

The Quick System Test can be run whether your bed is online or offline and may take up to 8 minutes to run through completely. When it is done, the Sleep Number app will provide you with any applicable troubleshooting and next steps.

To run the Quick System Test:

  1. Open the Sleep Number app.
  2. Tap Smart Bed.
  3. Tap Settings (upper right).
  4. Tap Quick System Test.
  5. Ensure that no people or pets are on or near the bed (bedding can be left on the bed).

The bed will run through various tests, including connectivity, Sleep Number® Setting, FlexFit™ adjustability, and temperature tests. Some issues can be resolved through the app, and some may require support from our customer service team.

If you continue to experience issues, contact us at 1-877-820-9474.

Restart Bed

Sleep Number beds sometimes require a reboot to solve an issue (just like your computer, phone, or other smart devices).  The Sleep Number app allows you to quickly and easily do this.

To restart/power cycle the bed:

  1. Open the Sleep Number app.
  2. Tap Smart Bed.
  3. Tap Settings (upper right).
  4. Tap Restart Bed.

Remote Troubleshooting

For help troubleshooting your remote, follow Sleep Number Smart Remote Troubleshooting.

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