What is SleepIQ® Technology?


Sleep Number’s SleepIQ technology is the operating system of your smart bed which uses sensors to track your sleep. No device to wear or charge, all you need to do is sleep. The Sleep Number® app allows you to control your bed, track your sleep and understand how sleep impacts your overall health and wellness. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SleepIQ score?

Your SleepIQ score tells you how well you slept on a scale of 5-100. There is no “bad” score, so use this to monitor your progress. Over time you will learn what factors improve your score including your sleep session, biometrics, sleep goal, and circadian rhythm.  Read more about Understanding Your SleepIQ Score.

1. After your first night

  • When your bed arrives, it is connected to Wi-Fi by our delivery technicians or the Sleep Number app. You'll get a SleepIQ score the morning after your very first night—and every morning after. Check out our article on Understanding Your SleepIQ Score to learn more.

2. Getting to know you 

  • Your Sleep Number smart bed will learn your trends and habits and know what an average night of sleep looks like for you. From this information, your smart bed will personalize your sleep insights and recommend your ideal sleep schedule to improve your quality of sleep.

3. Each month 

  • Each month you will receive an email with your monthly wellness report highlighting how you slept plus articles, videos and the latest research for improving your sleep quality. Use your Sleep Number app to track how your sleep improves overtime and plays a role in your overall health and wellness.


How does my smart bed help improve my sleep?

Research shows tracking your sleep brings awareness to the little choices and habits you make each day that impact the quality of your sleep. Awareness is what sparks that aha, I know what I need to do, gut feeling moments of intuition and inspiration that lead to lasting change. This same principle is true with food and fitness tracking. If you want to improve something, the first step is to be aware of your current state.

Once you start using the Sleep Number app, you’ll be surprised how quickly you start discovering insights that help you focus on opportunities to optimize the quality of your sleep. If you want to immerse yourself, even more, subscribe to our blog, Hello. Good Night., for more tips and stories to inspire you on your journey. 

Want to improve your sleep even more? Join the nation; take the Sleep30 challenge by Sleep Number!

What are a good heart rate and breathing rate?

Heart and breath rate recorded by Sleep your smart bed are averaged and are not recorded in real-time for diagnostic purposes. Averages help you track consistency and recognize changes. Keep in mind, average heart rate, and breath rate can be impacted by cardiovascular conditioning, daily stress, alcohol use, age, weight, and overall health. For example, runners tend to have a lower resting heart rate than other people their age. Have a talk with your physician if you are concerned about changes in your biometrics or why your biometrics are different than your sleep partner.

How do I check my SleepIQ score?

Log into the Sleep Number app from your mobile device or the SleepIQ website from an internet browser.

Make sure you are out of bed for the day before checking your SleepIQ score. If you're checking your SleepIQ score on your remote we recommend waiting for a half-hour after getting out of bed to allow time for your score to finalize. If you want to check your score sooner we recommend using the Sleep Number app for the best experience. The Sleep Number app also provides additional insights and information about naps, biometrics, Circadian Rhythm, and more.

Do I need Wi-Fi to get a SleepIQ score?

Your bed needs to connect to Wi-Fi to record your SleepIQ score. Getting your bed online allows you to access all the features and benefits of your bed.

Can I turn off data recording?

Yes, you can turn data recording off at any time for any reason with the Sleep Number app or Sleep Number® remote. 

With your app: Tap Smart Bed, then Settings (in upper right), and scroll down to Privacy. When Privacy Mode is on, no data will be recorded for either side of the bed. 

With your remote: Press and hold the enter button until asked if you’d like to turn SleepIQ off, approximately 2-4 seconds. When SleepIQ is turned off, no data will be recorded for either side of the bed. Follow the same steps to turn SleepIQ back on.  

You can also remove your Wi-Fi network from your bed if you no longer want your bed connected to Wi-Fi. Click to see how

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