3 Reasons Getting Your Bed Online is Important

If you’ve invested in a smart bed, you’re probably no stranger to the benefits that come with tracking your sleep. You already know awareness of your habits leads to better choices that improve the quality of your sleep, so why not make sure you’re getting everything your bed has to offer?

  1. You deserve to get all the smart features that come with your bed.

    Once online you’ll get access to all the smart features and benefits only available through the SleepIQ® app.

    All Sleep Number 360® smart mattresses offer Responsive Air® technology.

    Responsive Air technology adjusts your bed to maintain the comfort of your Sleep Number setting while you sleep. Responsive Air starts adjusting when you first get in bed, takes pressure readings throughout the night, and makes individualized adjustments in response to changes in air temperature and pressure, body heat, and sleep position. You and your sleep partner each decide whether you want Responsive Air turned on for your side. Learn more about how air pressure works in your mattress. 

    Wellness features: Sleep tracking, biometrics recording, get to know your circadian rhythm, and receive monthly wellness reports.

    You’ll get additional smart features with a Sleep Number 360® smart FlexFit™ adjustable base.

    Underbed lighting: When set to Auto the Underbed light will turn on if you get out of bed and off when you get back in bed, providing a soft glow if you need to check on a child or answer nature’s call. Learn more about how your Underbed Light works.

    Foot Warming (FlexFit 3 only): Online or offline you’ll be able to turn foot warming on and off, but smart features allow you to set automatic foot warming routines designed to help you fall asleep faster. Make sure your sleep partner has their own login, so they can enjoy this feature too! Learn more about how Foot Warming works in your mattress.

  2. Software updates improve your overall experience.

    Getting online ensures your smart bed is always on the latest software version.

    Just like a phone or computer program, your product may experience performance issues if operating on an outdated software version.

    Getting regular updates keeps your product on the latest and greatest to help make your overall experience better.

    As long as your bed is online there’s nothing you have to do. You’ll automatically get any available software updates.

  3. Our customer service team can provide smarter support, should you need it.

    The online experience allows our support team to run diagnostics remotely and offer smarter support, which means less work for you and faster resolution to any problem you face. Questions about your warranty? Chat with us online. No matter the question or problem we’re here for you.


Prefer not to get your bed online?

You’ll still be able to adjust your Sleep Number® setting and FlexFit™  adjustable base with the SleepIQ® app or optional remote, but you won’t get access to smart features or software updates that resolve remote or app connectivity errors caused by outdated software. To use the SleepIQ app as a remote, log out of the SleepIQ app to access the remote feature on the login screen. If you are experiencing ongoing connectivity errors we'll recommend making sure your bed is online and getting power to improve your experience. 

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