Using the 12-Button Traditional Remote with my Bed



  • The 12-button Traditional remote is compatible with Traditional Sleep Number® FlexFit™ 1, 2, and 3 adjustable bases sold between February 2014 and January 2020.
  • This remote works with your mattress and adjustable base. Some buttons are extra and will not work with a FlexFit™ 1 or FlexFit™ 2 base. They are used for FlexFit™ 3 features only. See below for expected functionality of extra buttons.
  • Not compatible with Sleep Number 360® smart FlexFit™ adjustable bases or DualTemp Layers.





FlexFit™ 1

FlexFit™ 2

FlexFit™ 3

Head and Foot


  • Controls head position only.
  • Controls head and foot positions.

Favorite Position


  • Zero G adjusts head position only.
  • Zero G adjusts Head and Foot positions.



  • Your base does not include lighting or outlets on control system.
  • If the button is pressed, remote will show on, but lighting feature is not present.
  • Turn on or off night light and lights that are plugged into your control system.



  • Massage is not included with your base.
  • The remote will show massage is on, but massage is not present.
  • Your base does not include built-in massage motors.
  • If the button is pressed, the remote will show on, but the massage feature is not present.
  • Choose type of massage or create a customized full body massage.


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