Using the 12-Button Traditional Remote with my Bed



  • The 12-button Traditional (universal) remote is compatible with all Advanced DualAir™ and Traditional Sleep Number® Firmness Control systems and FlexFit™ 1, 2, and 3 adjustable bases sold between February 2014 and January 2020.
  • This remote works with your mattress and adjustable base. Some buttons are extra and will not work with a FlexFit™ 1 or FlexFit™ 2 base. They are used for FlexFit™ 3 features only. See below for expected functionality of extra buttons.  
  • Not compatible with Sleep Number 360® smart FlexFit™ adjustable bases or DualTemp Layers.





FlexFit™ 1

FlexFit™ 2

FlexFit™ 3

Head and Foot


  • Controls head position only.
  • Controls head and foot positions.

Favorite Position


  • Zero G adjusts head position only.
  • Zero G adjusts Head and Foot positions.



  • Your base does not include lighting or outlets on control system.
  • If the button is pressed, remote will show on, but lighting feature is not present.
  • Turn on or off night light and lights that are plugged into your control system.



  • Massage is not included with your base.
  • The remote will show massage is on, but massage is not present.
  • Your base does not include built-in massage motors.
  • If the button is pressed, the remote will show on, but the massage feature is not present.
  • Choose type of massage or create a customized full body massage.


Pairing Your New Remote

To pair your new Traditional Remote follow the instructions on How to Set Up or Reset My Remote. For the question "Which remote do you have?", select Traditional Sleep Number Remote.

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