No Sleep Data Recorded

There are a few reasons your data may not be recording.

Do you have Privacy mode turned on in the SleepIQ app?

Open the SleepIQ app. Select bed. Scroll down to Privacy Mode. When privacy mode is turned on, your bed will not record sleep data for either side. Turn Privacy Mode off to start recording data again.

Do you have SleepIQ turned off in your remote?

If you use a remote to control your bed, press and hold the enter button until a message pops up. The remote will ask if you want to turn SleepIQ on or off. When SleepIQ is turned off, your bed will not record sleep data for either side.  

Is your bed unplugged or offline?

Your bed needs to be online to get sleep data. Unplug your bed, wait 20 seconds and plug back in. Close the SleepIQ app and check again in 5-10 min.  Choose Bed. Open the settings gear in the top right. If your bed is still offline, check out our article on How To Get Your Bed Back Online.  

Do you have a sleeper profile set up?

You need a sleeper profile to get sleep data. Open the SleepIQ app. Choose Profile. Tap the edit account settings icon (top right) to open account settings. Open My Sleep Number Beds. Select your bed. Make sure you have a sleeper profile set up and you are assigned to the correct side of the bed. If needed, edit your bed sides or add a new sleeper

Did you sleep in your bed last night?

If your partner wasn't in bed last night and you slept on their side of the bed or the middle of the bed, that could explain why your data wasn't recorded last night. Sometimes the SleepIQ system doesn't detect you in bed if your FlexFit base was raised when you got in bed. This could be intermittent. See Tips For Getting Accurate Data for more information.  

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