No Sleep Data Recorded

 What to check if you or your partner aren't getting a SleepIQ® score:

  • Make sure your bed is plugged in and online.

    Your bed requires power and a connection to Wi-Fi to record your sleep data. Outages longer than a couple of hours may result in no score recorded last night or inaccurate recording during the outage.  

    After your power is restored, your SleepIQ® system will automatically power on and reconnect to Wi-Fi. If you notice that you are not getting a SleepIQ® score after your power is restored, we recommend checking your router and unplugging and plugging in your bed to get your bed back online. If this doesn't get your bed online, we recommend following How to get your bed online.

  • Make sure you’re looking at the right date.

    Keep in mind the SleepIQ app records naps or shorter sleep sessions between longer sleep sessions. Naps take place over one date. Longer sleep sessions typically start the night before and end the next morning. Scroll left or right to see if you are looking at a nap or your main sleep session.

  • Check to see if you have Privacy Mode turned on in the SleepIQ App or Remote.

    Open your app: Log in. Select Smart Bed. Scroll down to Privacy Mode. When privacy mode is turned on, your bed will not record sleep data for either side. Turn Privacy Mode off to start recording data again.

    On your remote: Press and hold the enter button until a message pops up. The remote will ask if you want to turn SleepIQ on or off. When SleepIQ is turned off, your bed will not record sleep data for either side.  

  • Make sure you’ve registered your SleepIQ account and set up sleeper profiles.

    A sleeper profile is required to record sleep data.

    Make sure your sleeper profile is assigned to the side of the bed you sleep on. If needed, this can be updated in your account settings.

  • Have more than one bed? Make sure you are looking at the right sleeper profile.

    We recommend editing your sleeper profile name to make it obvious which sleeper profile is attached to each bed.

  • If your sleep data is incomplete, you have the option to edit your sleep session with the SleepIQ App.


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