How do I save a Favorite position?


Saving a favorite FlexFit™ base position allows you to go to your favorite position at the touch of a button.

Sleep Number FlexFit™ adjustable base owners can also use the Sleep Number button on the side of your bed to easily adjust to Flat or to your Favorite.



Sleep Number® app

Screenshot of the Sleep Number app's Smart Bed screen. Screenshot of the Sleep Number app's Preset Position screen, showing a bed in the Flat Position.

  1. Tap Smart Bed > FlexFit Base.
  2. Adjust the bed into the position you would like to save as your 'Favorite'.
    • You can do so by either adjusting the head and foot to the position you like or select one of the preset bed positions at the top of the screen.
  3. Once the bed is in the desired position, select 'Save as Favorite.'
  4. Tap the Back Arrow (top left) to return to the Smart Bed Controls screen.


  1. Press and hold the star button.
  2. Select “Yes” when the remote prompts you to save your favorite.
    • Sleep Number Smart Remotes only: A saved Favorite position will not show upon the remote until after it has been set in the Sleep Number app.


  • When selecting a position involving the Head and Foot, the bed will only move one location at a time.
  • When selecting the Flat position make sure there is nothing in the way of the bed returning to the Flat position to avoid damage or injuries.​
  • The base reflects the most recent favorite position saved, whether in the Sleep Number app or the remote. Remotes are sold separately for smart mattresses and bases.
  • King FlexTop™ and Split sizes allow each sleep partner to save their own Favorite settings. FlexTop™ sizes adjust the right and left head independently and the foot together. Split sizes adjust the right and left head and foot independently. 
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