360 FlexFit™ smart base Favorite Button



  • The Favorite button is a feature available with all Sleep Number 360® smart FlexFit™ adjustable bases
  • It allows you to easily return your base to flat without having to open the SleepIQ app or mess with a remote in the middle of the night. 
  • Once you save your Favorite FlexFit position, you can go between flat and your favorite at the touch of a button.
  • The Favorite button on the FlexFit Adjustable Base with Attached Remote is not operational and is for decorative purposes only. The Favorite button does NOT light up even when the base is plugged in.

What does the color of my Favorite button mean?

Blue: The backlight is blue when adjusting or setting up a remote, and off when not in motion. 

Off/No light: It is normal for the backlight to be off when not in motion.

  • If the light is off when pressed make sure your FlexFit adjustable base is plugged into a working outlet not controlled by a switch. Test the button on the other side of the base to confirm whether the base is getting power. E1 or E3 remote connectivity errors and SleepIQ app errors are normal when your base is not getting power. 

Purple: (Could be purple and orange) You have a king-size base that needs to be configured.

  • Complete a factory reset on your remote to program whether you have an Eastern/California King, FlexTop King or Split King size bed. Eastern/California King is one mattress. FlexTop is one mattress with a split head. Split King is two mattresses side by side. 
  • If you don't have a remote, get your bed online with the SleepIQ app, then contact customer service for help configuring your base.

Orange: There is a problem with your base or a cable is disconnected under your base.

  • If you recently moved or assembled your base, watch the first 3 minutes of our 360 FlexFit assembly video for help connecting the cables under your base.
  • If you haven't recently moved, close the app or set down your remote, try unplugging your base for 30 seconds, plug back in and try adjusting again.
  • If you are still experiencing errors while adjusting your base, contact us for help fixing the problem.   



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