How do I save a Favorite position?


Saving a favorite FlexFit base position allows you to go to your favorite position at the touch of a button.

Sleep Number 360® Smart FlexFit™ Base owners get an added bonus. Once you’ve set your favorite FlexFit position, you can use the Sleep Number button on the side of your bed to easily adjust to Flat or your Favorite.


  1. Adjust the bed to your favorite position.
  2. Use the SleepIQ app or your remote to save a favorite base position.

SleepIQ app: Tap save as favorite.

Remote: Press and hold the star button. Select yes when the remote prompts you to save as your favorite.

The base reflects the most recent favorite position saved, whether in the SleepIQ app or the remote. Remotes are sold separately for 360 smart mattresses and bases. 

FlexTop and Split sizes allow each sleep partner to save their own Favorite settings. FlexTop sizes adjust the right and left head independently and the foot together. Split sizes adjust the right and left head and foot independently. 




FlexTop® King

Favorite adjusts both sides together if the foot is included. Head only Favorite adjusts the selected side. 

Flat returns the foot and the head of the selected side to flat. 

Split King

Favorite adjusts right and left sides independently.

Flat adjusts right and left sides independently.


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