SleepIQ® App: Profile Tab



The Profile tab is where users manage the personalization of their SleepIQ app and connects them to the Sleep Number brand. On the Profile tab:


Get Smarter Sleep (Wellness Profile)

  • Get Smarter Sleep is where a user accesses their Wellness Profile.
  • The Wellness Profile has four categories: Sleeper, Home, Habits, Sleep Health.
  • Users can answer questions about themselves, so that we can continue to personalize their experience over time.
  • Some Sleeper Profile information is filled in during registration or add sleeper. Home, Habits and Sleep Health questions can be answered any time. 
  • Users can easily edit their wellness profile at any time. 
  • Not all questions need to be answered, as not all questions will apply to every sleeper.


​InnerCircle Rewards


  • ​​Customers can sign up or log into InnerCircleSM Rewards from the Profile screen.
  • InnerCircleSM Rewards is accessible from the SleepIQ app and​, but not the SleepIQ website. 
  • They must use the account owner email address to access InnerCircleSM online. 
  • Second sleepers can log into the SleepIQ® app or with their own email address. They are not eligible to access InnerCircleSM Rewards online. 

​Read INNERCIRCLE REWARDS COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS for more information regarding the InnerCircleSM Rewards program.


Sleep Science Research

  • Sleepers with SleepIQ® technology (except for Kids beds and IT beds) can sign up to participate in sleep studies to advance the science of sleep and health. 
  • They must choose to opt in to participate. Each person must have their own unique SleepIQ login to join the study. 


Connect Your Apps


  • ​​Connect Your Apps allows a user to sync apps they are currently using that will transmit data to Activities Tracked​.
  • A user would then use the data gathered to compare to their SleepIQ® Score to see how certain activities or conditions affected their score.
  • Find more information here.


Get Help

  • The Get Help button provides several ways to contact Customer Service or locate articles on
  • Give Feedback allows customers to give direct feedback to Sleep Number about their experience.
  • If the user selects NO, the comments they enter get sent directly to our product team.


Account Settings

  • The icon​ ​for Account Settings is located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • User can update their Email and Password, check on an order status, add sleepers to a bed, switch sides of the bed, and turn on or off push notifications.
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