How to turn on Responsive Air® technology

To use Responsive Air technology

  • Make sure your bed is not articulated above a Snore position.
  • Responsive Air technology is turned off until you turn it on.
    • Customers with a Climate360™ smart bed will default to 'On' when Core Heating or Cooling is used.
  • Responsive Air technology cannot be turned on or off with a remote.

How to Turn on Responsive Air technology

  1. Log into the Sleep Number® app.
  2. Select Smart Bed.
  3. Choose the side of the bed you want to set.
  4. Use the toggle to turn Responsive Air on or off.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Responsive Air technology?

Responsive Air adjusts to you as you sleep. Read more.

What if my sleep partner doesn't like Responsive Air, but I do?

Responsive Air can be turned on or off for either side. You don't have to turn it on for both sides!

Climate360 Customers Only - Responsive Air will turn on for both sides of the bed when Core Heating or Cooling is used. After the cycle is complete, Responsive Air will continue to check every hour for pressure readings. Once all sleepers have exited the bed for at least 30 minutes. Responsive Air will default back to its original setting.


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