Troubleshooting Responsive Air®

This article provides some helpful tips if you think your bed's Responsive Air® feature may not be working properly. Learn more about Responsive Air.


Responsive Air is only available on the Sleep Number app. It cannot be controlled with the smart remote.

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Things to check

  1. Make sure your Sleep Number® app account has been registered.
  2. Turn Responsive Air on in the Sleep Number app. This feature cannot be controlled by a remote.
  3. Check both sides of the bed in the Sleep Number app. Each sleeper can choose to turn Responsive Air on or off for their side of the bed.
  4. If you have a FlexFit adjustable base, keep in mind Responsive Air will not make adjustments when the head or foot of your FlexFit adjustable base is elevated above the snore position.
    • Climate360® Customers Only: Responsive Air will turn on regardless of the position and articulation of the bed if Core Temperature is being used.

Other things to keep in mind:

  • If two people get in bed on the same side, there will be more pressure causing Responsive Air to let out more air. Your bed may feel softer than usual when one of you leaves the bed or rolls over to the other side. You can use the Sleep Number app or remote to adjust your Sleep Number setting or wait for Responsive Air to make its next adjustment. 
  • Responsive Air adjustments are designed to be quiet, subtle, and not too frequent. Responsive Air senses your movements and only makes adjustments if a change in air pressure is detected.  
  • Your bed does not adjust every time you roll over.
    • Responsive Air® starts making adjustments when you first get in bed.
    • It takes pressure readings throughout the night, once per hour on each side (every 15 minutes for Climate360 beds using Core Temperature). 
    • Responsive Air will sense changes in air pressure due to temperature and sleep position.
    • It will make adjustments to maintain the comfort of your individual Sleep Number setting.
    • About 30 minutes after you get out of bed in the morning, it is normal for your bed to inflate.
    • Responsive Air will continue to check every 4 hours throughout the day, or until someone gets back into bed. 


If your pump seems to be adjusting all the time or taking a long time to fill instead of letting air out when you first get in bed, it is possible that your bed has a slow leak. Check to make sure your air hoses are securely connected to your mattress on both sides of the bed. If this does not resolve your issue, we recommend further troubleshooting.


To check to see if Responsive Air is working as intended, try:

  1. Power cycle the bed by unplugging it from the wall for 60 seconds and plugging back in. Allow the bed to fully power on before moving to the next step (this should only take a few minutes)
    • During this time, make sure Responsive Air is turned on in the Sleep Number app
    • Climate360 and Sleep Number smart bed customers can utilize the Restart Bed functionality within the Sleep Number app.
  2. Put the base in the Flat position.
    • Responsive Air will not turn on if the bed is articulated above the preset Snore preset position.
  3. Once you have been out of the bed for at least 30 minutes, lay in the bed for a few minutes. You should feel Responsive Air and hear a slight hum from the pump.

Still having issues? Our customer service team can provide assistance. Chat with us online.


Climate360 Customers (Only): Responsive Air is On When I have it Set to Off

  1. Check to see if Core warming or cooling is currently turned on for either side of the bed.
    • If core cooling or warming is enabled, Responsive Air will automatically turn on.
    • Once the cycle is complete (including the cool down phase for core warming) and all sleepers exit the bed (for at least 30 minutes), Responsive Air will return to the original setting.

Still having issues? Our customer service team can provide assistance. Chat with us online.

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