What is Responsive Air™ Technology?

Responsive Air™ technology is included with all Sleep Number 360® smart mattresses. Responsive Air™ means your bed adjusts to you, so you don’t have to think about it. 

Learn how to find your Sleep Number® setting.

How Responsive Air™ Works

SleepIQ technology monitors the air pressure in your bed throughout the night to maintain your Sleep Number® setting while you sleep. Responsive Air will make small adjustments as needed to keep you comfortable from the time you crawl in bed to the time you wake up.

Turning Responsive Air™ On and Off

When your bed is delivered, Responsive Air is turned off by default. Your bed needs to be online to turn Responsive Air on or off. Open the SleepIQ app, choose Bed, scroll down to Responsive Air, open Responsive Air to turn on or off. Make sure to check your sleep partner's side of the bed. Responsive Air can be controlled independently for each side. Responsive Air can only be turned on or off with the SleepIQ app.

How Often Responsive Air™ Adjusts

Responsive Air adjusts when you first get in bed, while you sleep, and after both sleepers get out of bed for the day. If both sleepers have Responsive Air turned on, SleepIQ® technology will adjust one side of the bed at a time. 

  • When you get in bed: Responsive Air will automatically soften your mattress in response to the pressure of your body weight. Each sleeper will have their first adjustment within 10 minutes of laying down.
  • While you sleep: Temperature changes, weather changes, change of sleep position can all impact the air pressure in your bed. Throughout the night, Responsive Air will check the pressure of each side of the bed, and automatically let air in or or out to maintain your Sleep Number setting. 
  • When you wake up: Responsive Air will make one last adjustment about 15 minutes after both sleepers are out of the bed for the day. 

Responsive Air responds to the pressure and weight on the bed. If your bed ever feels flat or too soft there may have been extra weight or pressure when Responsive Air made an adjustment. Two people laying on the same side of the bed, kneeling or kids jumping on the bed at the time Responsive Air makes an adjustment can all impact the air pressure of the bed. If you notice this, you can wait for Responsive Air to make another adjustment or use the SleepIQ app or remote to increase the firmness of your mattress. 




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