How do I control my bed with the SleepIQ® app?


  • Get your bed online to control your bed with the SleepIQ® app.
  • Use a remote if you don't have Wi-Fi or log out of the SleepIQ app and use the remote on the login screen.
  • The SleepIQ app can control your Sleep Number setting and FlexFit adjustable base. DualTemp™ layer control is not available for the SleepIQ app.

Sleep Number® setting

Use the SleepIQ app to adjust your Sleep Number setting, find your ideal Sleep Number setting, and save your favorite Sleep Number setting. Check out Getting Comfortable: Finding Your Sleep Number setting.

FlexFit™ adjustable base

Make sure you are near your base when making adjustments. Use the SleepIQ app to make micro-adjustments, go to your Favorite preset bed position, or save a Favorite position. If your app is currently using Wi-Fi control you must select set for your FlexFit base to adjust. Bluetooth control will adjust in real-time.

Troubleshooting Controlling Your Bed

If you are having trouble controlling your bed try these tips:

  • Make sure your bed is online.
    • If you're having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, log out of the SleepIQ app and tap the remote icon on the login screen to control your bed. You must be near your bed and have Bluetooth turned on in your device settings to use this option. 
  • Make sure your phone or tablet is compatible with SleepIQ technology.
  • Allow Bluetooth control in your device settings. 
    • Android (OS) users should turn on location settings to give the SleepIQ app permission to connect to their bed and Apple (iOS) users should turn on Bluetooth in their device privacy settings. 
  • Try turning Bluetooth on and off in your device settings to reset the connection.
  • Only one device can connect to the bed at a time. Turn Bluetooth off on your partner's phone or tablet and try your device again. 
  • Check your device for available updates to make sure the SleepIQ app is updated to the latest version. It is normal to experience app crashes when you are operating an outdated app version or when your device OS no longer meets compatibility requirements. 

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