Sleep Number Smart Bed Remote Updates

Applies to: All Sleep Number Smart Remotes

  • Improve connectivity
  • Improve battery life

How to update your remote

When the bed is online the update will start automatically, upon remote wake up.

For best results during an update:

  • Insert fresh batteries.
  • Keep the remote near the bed/pump.
  • Do not move or use your remote until the update is complete.

Generally, how long it takes a remote to update depends on the quality of the bed's Wi-Fi connection to the internet. An update can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 days to complete. If you need to adjust your bed during this time, we recommend controlling your smart bed with the SleepIQ® app.

How to confirm your remote has been updated 

You can check your remote version by going to SYSTEM and selecting ABOUT SYSTEM. If your remote gets stuck updating or doesn't get the update, make sure your bed is online, then complete a force update.

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