Separate DualTemp Layer From Bed Remote

We're sorry you're experiencing a connectivity problem. We can definitely help fix this! We've found it works best to use separate remotes for your bed and DualTemp Layer.

Please contact us if you don't have separate DualTemp remotes.  Otherwise, follow these steps to resolve your problem.


  • This process is two parts.
  • After this you'll be able to control your bed and DualTemp Layer with separate remotes. 

Part 1: Clear Your Bed Remotes

1. Unplug your DualTemp heating & cooling fans.

2. Remove the batteries from all remotes.

3. Set aside your DualTemp remotes.

4. Make sure your bed is plugged in to a grounded outlet not controlled by a switch.

  • Keep the DualTemp fans unplugged.

5. Make sure the power cord is firmly connected to the pump.  

  • Usually the pump is under the bed on the floor. 
  • In most 360 smart models, your pump is stored inside your base near the foot of the bed.

6. Reset your bed remote.  


  • If you have two bed remotes, set the other one aside for now.  
  • If you have more than two, pick the two you want to use to control your bed, and set the second bed remote aside for now.

How To Reset Your Bed Remote

  • Hold down the up arrow, down arrow, and Enter buttons until the remote asks you to reset to factory settings.
  • Important! Press Skip when asked to unplug and plug in your right or only DualTemp engine.  
  • Follow the steps in the remote until you get to Setup Complete.
  • If you'd like to watch a video walk you through this process, see links below under Factory Reset Videos. 

7. Clear binds with the remote you just reset.

How To Clear Binds

  • Hold down the up and down arrow buttons until the remote opens Clear Bind Table.
  • Select Sleep Number.
  • You should see a binds cleared message at the top of the screen, letting you know it was successful.

8. If you have more than one bed remote, reset your second bed remote.

  • Follow the same instructions you did in Step 6.

Part 2: Set up Your DualTemp Remotes

Follow these steps to set up your DualTemp remotes. Set up one remote at a time.

1. Plug in one DualTemp heating & cooling fan.  

  • Leave the other fan unplugged.

2. Insert batteries into one of your DualTemp remotes.

3. Hold down the up and down arrow buttons to open the System menu.

4. Select Factory Reset.

  • The DualTemp fan will turn on when complete.
  • Press the power button to turn off the fan off.

5. Clear Binds on first remote.

  • Hold down the up and down arrow buttons to open the System menu.
  • Select Clear Bind Table.
  • Select DualTemp.
  • A binds cleared message will appear.
  • Select back to exit.

6. Unplug that DualTemp fan and set that remote aside.

7. Repeat steps 1-5 using the other DualTemp remote and fan.  

8. Plug the first DualTemp fan back in.  

  • Now you should be able to control your bed and DualTemp Layer with separate remotes.

Please contact us if you are still having problems after completing this process.  

Factory Reset Video

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