How Air Pressure Works in your Mattress

Sleep Number® smart beds get their support from the materials and air inside the mattress.

It's important to understand how environmental factors like sleep position, weight, room environment, mattress design and Responsive Air® technology cause normal changes to the air pressure in your mattress, so that you can adjust your Sleep Number® setting as needed. 

Note: Only Sleep Number smart bed have Responsive Air technology. If your bed has this feature Responsive Air will be included in the list of Bed control options in the Sleep Number® app.

Sleep Position & Weight

Your body weight and sleep position add pressure to the air inside your mattress. Additional weight from a pet, child or sleep partner can change the feel of your bed. We recommend adjusting your Sleep Number setting any time your mattress feels too firm or too soft. 

Environmental Factors

Temperature changes in the room and barometric pressure from weather changes impact the air pressure in your mattress, like how weather changes the air pressure in your tires.

Keep in mind, your bed control device will display the Sleep Number® setting your mattress was last set to. If the feel of the mattress doesn’t match the setting on your remote or Sleep Number app, environmental factors may have increased or decreased the air pressure in your mattress. Anytime you experience this, we recommend adjusting the mattress back to your preferred setting.

Materials & Design

All Sleep Number® mattresses come with DualAir™ adjustability, allowing you to adjust the level of air inside each side of the mattress. Mattress materials, foam thickness and properties vary by model. The higher profile your mattress, the more foam support inside your mattress.

A firm solid surface base is required to support your mattress and provide an even surface. If you are not using a Sleep Number base with your mattress, we recommend a firm solid surface platform bed or slats no more than two inches apart. Slats too far apart can lead to an uneven and uncomfortable sleep surface.

Responsive Air Technology

Sleep Number smart beds come with Responsive Air technology. Responsive Air automatically adjusts when you first get in bed and makes small adjustments to keep you comfortable throughout the night.  

If your bed ever feels flat or too soft there may have been extra weight or pressure when Responsive Air made an adjustment. Two people laying on the same side of the bed, kneeling or kids jumping on the bed at the time Responsive Air makes an adjustment can impact the air pressure of your mattress. If you notice this, you can wait for Responsive Air to make another adjustment or use the Sleep Number app to increase the firmness of your mattress. 

Environmental impacts to the feel of your mattress tend to be gradual and sporadic. If your mattress feels too soft and continually goes flat overnight, you may be experiencing a problem. We recommend following troubleshooting steps to identify the problem.

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