HealthIQ™ Wellness Report

Sleep Number Smart Sleepers want better health and wellness with meaningful sleep benefits. Sleep Number smart beds continue to be an important part of this wellness journey by offering features that make it easy for them to get your best sleep. One of these features is HealthIQ™ Wellness Reports that provide monthly reviews of sleepers’ sleep trends.

Each month sleepers receive a personalized HealthIQ™ Wellness Report that provides deeper sleep insights and coaching to aid overall health and wellness.

The Wellness Report provides a detailed summary of a sleeper's sleep trends and offers personalized recommendations that allow them to see how the quality of sleep over time is improving across their:

  • Sleep health (SleepIQ score)
  • Cardiovascular health (heart rate)
  • Respiratory health (breath rate) and 
  • Circadian rhythm (the 24-hour cycles that optimize sleep)

Accessing the Wellness Report

The monthly wellness report is available by the 3rd day of every month, if 7 days of sleep data for the month has been collected. If 7 days of sleep data has not been collected during the month, the sleeper will not receive a Wellness Report.

Customers who have push notifications enabled on their Sleep Number app will receive a push notification alerting them when the report is available.

If customers do not have a smart device, they can also access and download their wellness reports via the SleepIQ website. HealthIQ Wellness Reports are available to all customers with Sleep Number smart beds, except for Kids beds.

How to access the Wellness Report in the Sleep Number® app

  1. Open the Sleep Number app and select the Health tab.
  2. Locate the Wellness Report section and select View Details.
  3. Select the Wellness Report for the month you would like to view.
    1. Note: wellness reports are available by the 3rd day of every month and require that 7 days of sleep data have been collected during the month. If 7 days of sleep data has not been collected, the sleeper will not receive a wellness report.
  4. You may download the report (optional) in three ways:
    1. Download the report to your smart device.
    2. Email the report as an attachment.
    3. Send the report as an attachment in an SMS (text) message.

How to read the Wellness Report

Page One: Wellness Dashboard

Page one of the wellness report contains a dashboard with a quick, high-level summary of sleep quality. Top trends are summarized so the customer can see improvements they have made as well as any items they might want to pay closer attention to.
It also provides personalized insights that include actions they can take to improve sleep and overall well-being.

Page Two: Sleep

Page two shows a detailed bar chart and personalized insights that allow the customer to quickly compare her sleep session metrics and identify patterns and variances to make meaningful changes to her sleep behaviors. For example, if it takes her a while to fall asleep, Sleep Number app may recommend she start a routine to help her body unwind 20 minutes before bedtime.

Page Three: Biosignals

Page three shows biometric information and personalized insights, calling out both the highs and lows for each metric.
The information presented in this report can help her make changes to her activities throughout the day for more consistent restful sleep. For example, if she sees fluctuating numbers, she may start to monitor how late meals or late workouts affect her resting heart rate and breathing rate.

Page Four: Circadian Rhythm

Page four shows circadian rhythm information. This feature helps the customer track their sleep and wake times and provides guidance on optimizing them for peak performance during the day.
The information helps them be aware of the importance of a regular, disciplined sleep schedule to wake up refreshed and ready to be their best each day.


Monthly wellness reports take daily Sleep Number app data to the next level. They tell the story of your sleep over the previous month and help you make the link between your smart bed, your sleep and your overall wellness.

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